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Hello and thanks for visiting. The School Counseling Office at UHS is located in Upper Campus U-109, behind the JSL. During distance learning, students and families are encouraged to make appointments for Zoom, Doxy, or phone sessions/consultations during the hours listed below. With some advance notice and under special circumstances, arrangements can be made outside of these hours. Students and families are encouraged to be in touch with the Dean of 学生们, mentor, Director of Health & Wellness, or another dean if the counselor is unavailable. In times of crisis, you may use the resources listed in the margin on this page. Families may also access comprehensive overview of the counseling services at UHS on the Parent portal under “UHS Resources” 这里 和学生可以访问画布的学校辅导办公室网页上的文件 这里.


  • 星期一:11-3:30
  • 星期二/周四:8:30-4:30(降的时间为星期二/周四3:30-4:在变焦30PM)
  • 周三:8-4pm






I regularly collaborate with mentors, faculty, coaches, and staff to facilitate a deeper understanding of how to support students in and outside of the classroom. I also work closely with our Dean of 学生们, Director of Health & Wellness (who you can read more about on this page), Dean of Teaching & Learning, and our Learning Support Specialist to examine cultural trends with regard to mental health, support students who have identified particular needs, and develop programs for professional development in the realm of mental and emotional health. I am also the advisor for the Mental Health Coalition, a student club that promotes mental health awareness on campus, which maintains the website/blog: SF WELLNESS连接.


It’s common for parents and caregivers to have questions or concerns about their child’s mental health. For some, it is completely new territory and can feel scary. I am available to support UHS families to think through situations that arise, provide educational resources, and determine need for additional supports, in collaboration with you. I regularly interface with a diversity of clinicians & resources in the community and keep an updated list of these services. When in need of a referral, I can help you and your family identify appropriate, trusted options in the Bay Area. In counseling work with teens, it is important to honor their need for a private place to talk. So, I may not share explicit details with parents or caregivers, unless that’s decided in collaboration with the student as a good course of action, or if t这里’s a safety concern.


林赛repko, lmft






Director of Health & Wellness


有通过学术和社会转型这里支持系统在UHS帮助学生的网络。这种网络的一个组成部分是对端通知程序。同行的顾问是大三,大四谁与第9和第10年级学生,为他们提供周围的许多问题,青少年面对自己高中三年支持工作。同行顾问(PAS)进行培训和监督卫生和健康的董事。 PAS与他们的第9和第10级的集群和帮助计划紧密合作,协助教9年级和10年级的人类发展类。




All tenth graders participate in a year long human development course. The Director of Health and Wellness has integrated health and wellness curriculum into that course to help navigate the challenges that occur in this tricky and unique part of development. 学生们 rotate through the following four units: Substance Use, Mental Health & Disordered Eating, Metacognition and Sexual Health. Emphasis is put on harm reduction, personal boundaries, healthy decision making and decreasing stigma.   


  • 性别,青少年之间的一切:新的和必要的对话今天的青少年需要有关于同意,性骚扰,健康的人际关系爱多 通过shafia zaloon 
  • 是的手段是!:女性性力量的愿景,并没有强奸世界 通过贾克琳弗里德曼
  • 倦怠:秘密解锁应力循环 艾米莉nagoski博士
  • 招镜 贾tolentin
  • 怎么什么都不做:抵制注意 珍妮奥德尔 
  • 十几岁的大脑 由弗朗西丝即詹森的md与埃米·埃利斯·纳特


If you are seeking a particular mental health resource (i.e. therapy referral, literature, or recommendation), feel free to be in touch with Lindsay directly. Recommended readings on general Health & Wellness topics are listed at the bottom of the page.


  • 24小时危机文本行:741741
  • 24小时危机热线:800.273.8255
  • 如果在SF,电话415.970.3800达到流动危机小组,为所有年龄段的人

Learn more about 科琳娜·林巴赫, Director of Health & Wellness, in the UHS Journal